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Re: Holder Refusing to Say “Radical Islam”

Dennis Mitzner - May 18, 2010

As much as I enjoyed your long response to my defense of Holder and, in the process, the religion of Islam, I have to say we face…

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American Jews and Israel

Dennis Mitzner - Jun 06, 2010

By Dennis MitznerThe confusion over what Judaism is, seems to be at the core of the American Jewish debate over Israel. In recent years modern movements have…

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Daily Roundup-Obama moves to appease the radical axis at Israel’s expense

Ariel Ben Solomon - Jun 16, 2010

by Ariel SolomonA great article by Lee Smith at the Tablet Magazine. Smith points out that Obama is trying to make a deal with the Islamic radicals…

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After all the bowing-Obama’s popularity with the Muslims goes down

Ariel Ben Solomon - Jun 18, 2010

by Ariel SolomonI find it amazing that after the Cairo speech (US favorability in Egypt has dropped from 27% to 17%), the distancing of the US from…

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Conservatism or elitism?

Dennis Mitzner - May 18, 2010

David Frum on conservative intellectuals: "They’re the ones who are supposed to uphold intellectual standards, to sift actual facts from what you call ‘pretend information,’ ” he…

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Daily Roundup-Why the US or Israel should attack Iran now

Ariel Ben Solomon - Jun 15, 2010

by Ariel SolomonA must read at Commentary by Bret Stephens which comes to the conclusion that a military strike or regime change are the best policy options…

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Obama’s Terrorism Advisor John Brennan-We don’t “describe our enemy as jihadists”

Ariel Ben Solomon - May 30, 2010

by Ariel SolomonI really think Obama's terrorism advisor, John Brennan, has been reading Dan's posts on our blog. Daniel Halper over at the Weekly Standard posted his…

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Gaza “Human Rights” boat activists attack Israeli Navy with gunshots,knives, bottles, and metal objects

Ariel Ben Solomon - May 31, 2010

by Ariel SolomonBreaking News- Israel contacted and called for the flotilla of ships heading to Gaza to turn around, but the boats ignored their calls. When soldiers…

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Daily Roundup-What does the Marmara incident say about the world?

Ariel Ben Solomon - Jun 08, 2010

by Ariel SolomonDennis Prager has a must read at NRO,"The reason mankind has to hope that the world, its leaders, its newspapers, its so-called human-rights organizations, and…

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Alan Dershowitz: Legitimating Bigotry: The Legacy of Richard Goldstone

Ariel Ben Solomon - May 12, 2010

Alan Dershowitz: Legitimating Bigotry: The Legacy of Richard Goldstone"Goldstone claims he took the job "to help Israel," just as he took his previous job to help blacks.…

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Peace Now…or else

Dennis Mitzner - Oct 17, 2010

by Dennis MitznerI happened to walk by a Peace Now demonstration yesterday. As with other seemingly neutral pro-peace human rights organizations, Peace Now is an advocate group…

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Breaking News on Gaza flotilla-World Tribune reports White House rejected Israeli intel and blocked use of riot gear

Ariel Ben Solomon - Jun 09, 2010

by Ariel SolomonFellow contributor Carl S. just drew my attention to a breaking story by the World Tribune saying that the White house rejected Israeli intel before…

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Israelis love to be loved

Dennis Mitzner - Sep 27, 2010

by Dennis MitznerI seldom agree with Haaretz editorials, but this time they’ve hit the nail on the head. The editorial accuses Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres of…

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Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah Doubts the Holocaust

Ariel Ben Solomon - Jun 10, 2010

by Ariel SolomonHizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently made a speech in which he doubted the Holocaust. Not that this is new in the Arab world. I recently…

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The truth will set you free?

Dennis Mitzner - Jan 14, 2011

"A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes"- Mark TwainBy Dennis MitznerI asked a friend what she thought of…

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US Army publication:Attack Iran with a focus to cause ‘pain’ in order to change behavior,don’t only focus on nuclear sites

Ariel Ben Solomon - May 30, 2010

by Ariel SolomonThere is an interesting article in the Jerusalem Post today, which quotes from a new report from the Military Review, a US Army publication, entitled "Can…

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John Podhoretz:If Obama really wants concessions from Israel, don’t bash Israel with no strategy-bomb Iran

Ariel Ben Solomon - May 30, 2010

by Ariel SolomonJohn Podhoretz, editor of Commentary magazine, was recently interviewed by Peter Robinson at Uncommon Knowledge and he said that since Obama's policy in the M.E. has…

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A Timely Reminder-Agenda of Islam-A War Between Civilizations-Prof. Moshe Sharon

Ariel Ben Solomon - May 24, 2010

I have reprinted Professor Moshe Sharon's article in full as I believe that a better understanding of Islam and its relationship to Judaism and Christianity needs to…

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Obama now says “radical Islam” exists!

Ariel Ben Solomon - Jul 16, 2010

by Ariel SolomonIt seems that Obama has changed his mind - radical Islam exists and perhaps his favored term, "violent extremism", is out? I wrote much about…

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Sara Azmeh Rasmussen: “We have demonized the Jews”

Dennis Mitzner - Sep 26, 2010

by Dennis MitznerSara Azmeh Rasmussen, a Syrian-Norwegian writer and a secular humanist, accuses Norwegian political parties of outright anti-Semitism. Rasmussen claims that toleration for extremism emanating from…